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Indian Village Neighborhood Association (IVNA) is a volunteer organization made up of your neighbors who work to grow, promote and engage the neighborhood with opportunities in and around our territory. We are supported primarily by donations from our neighbors.


In 2015 we took part in a neighborhood-wide SCANS project and participated with NeighborWorks as part of their Community Engagement Initiative. Thanks to that collaboration and a partnership with Southview Baptist, our neighborhood has a sign at 14th and Arapahoe.


Behind the scenes, we help provide content for an electronic quarterly newsletter and maintain our Facebook page. We also attend various community meetings and events, from the Mayor’s Round Table and the Community Learning Center Summit. As well as, sit on various boards, from NeighborWorks Lincoln and others...

Events & Activities 

Our association offers many activities including annual events such as the Spring Garage Sale, Home and Garden Tour (past), and Kids 4th of July Parade. We also co-sponsor the popular events like the Stransky Park Concert Series. Like to grow your own food? We are home to two Community Crops Gardens, which includes the expanding Arapahoe Community Garden.

Volunteer Opportunities

We always have neighbors looking for volunteer opportunities (painting, yard work, etc.). If you are in need of some assistance or looking to fulfill volunteer hours contact us or attend a monthly meeting. We are always looking for people to sit on the Board.

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